United States Free Conference Calling

    United Conferencing is changing the way you make conference calls. Switch to the first service in the USA to offer free conferencing with dial in lines in USA and 15 other countries.

    Dial In Number:
    (605) 562-4008

    • Free Conference Calling
    • No Signup Required
    • Instant Reservationless Calls
    • Call Into A California Access #
    • International Access Numbers
    • Up to 100 Participants Per Call

Free Instant Conferencing

Instant Conference Calls

United Conferencing uses instant conferencing technology. You do not need to register with us, or schedule a call ahead of time. Simply choose an access code, send it to your participants, and all call in at the same time.

Having a recurring call? Our system handles that too. Just use the same access code every time you need to have a conference call.

How To Host An Instant Conference Call

  • Choose a six digit access code, i.e. 498466. Do not use an obvious number string like 111111.
  • Share the access code and dial in phone numbers with all the participants on your conference call.
  • Have everyone dial in to the conference service and enter their access code at any time. Press # after you enter the access code.
  • We’ll place everyone into the conference room.

Call From 30 Countries

United Conferencing offers international conference call access numbers in 30 countries. All of these access numbers connect to the same conference bridge so that you can host an international conference call with local dial in access numbers.

UK: 033 3966 0060

03 Geographic Number

USA: 605 562 4008

Regular Landline

JP: 03 4580 0235

Regular Landline

AR: 11 6632 2111

Regular Landline

AT: 051229607850

Regular Landline

AU: 2 8417 2272

Sydney Landline

BH: 16 198 602

Regular Landline

BS: 21 4040 4195

Regular Landline

CA: (514) 448-4549

Montreal Landline

CA: (647) 722-5570

Toronto Landline

CA: (604) 800-5382

Vancouver Landline

CZ: 2 2598 5740

Regular Landline

DE: 69 1200 6794

Regular Landline

DK: 89 88 11 27

Regular Landline

EE 60 94 023

Regular Landline

FR: 1 7006 9923

Regular Landline

FR: 0826 460 917

€0.15 per/min

HK: 5808 1825

Regular Landline

HU: 1 848 0237

Regular Landline

IE: 21 243 9289

Regular Landline

IL: 02 567 7820

Jerusalem Landline

IL: 03 935 0620

Tel Aviv Landline

MX: 55 4770 7348

Mexico City Landline

NL: 20 262 2903

Regular Landline

NO: 852 26 806

Regular Landline

NZ: 028 2549 9998

NZ Mobile Rates Apply

PE: 17087280

Regular Landline

ES: 902551945

€0.067 per/min

SE: 010 199 2512

Regular Landline

ZA: 021 000 0036

Telkom R 1.07 per/min peak

Schedule Your Call

United Conferencing makes it easy to notify participants about upcoming conference calls. Use our conference scheduling tool below, and we will email you and everyone on the call with the details provided. Our notification email includes a full list of our conference call access numbers.

You can have up to 100 people on a conference call. We limit our form mailer to 8 participants to prevent spam.

Invite Conference Participants

Conference Features

The World’s First Free International Conference Service

United Conferencing is proud to introduce the first truly global free conferencing system. You do not need to register to use our system. Just pick an access code and call in from any of our numbers.

Access Numbers In 30 Countries

We offer access numbers around the world. In countries like the US, UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and Swutzerland, our access numbers are regular landlines that cost the same as a call to a normal number.

Conference Menu Commands

Press * on the call to access the menu.

  • *1 Will mute or unmute your line.
  • *4 Will lower the volume of the call.
  • *6 Will raise the volume of the call.
  • *7 Will lower the volume of your line.
  • *9 Will raise the volume of your line.
  • *8 Will exit the menu.

US Free Conferencing

Make Free Conference Calls In The United States

  • Free Conference Calling
  • No Signup Required
  • Call Into A Regular Landline
  • Instant Conferencing
  • Teleconference Internationally
  • Access Numbers In 30 Countries

Call Our US Conference Bridge At (605 )562-4008

Make free conference calls in the United States by calling into our California access number. Stop using expensive conferencing services, and switch your business over to our free conference service.

Connect To The World From The US
If you are a US based company that does frequent business overseas, then you need to start using United Conferencing for your international conference calling. We have local access numbers in 30 international hubs that your partners can call into.

Eliminate Conference Call Costs. Open Your Business To The World.

Make it easy on your business and on your partners by using our free international conference calling service. Eliminate headaches, make work simpler, get better results for your business, all while saving money. Our free international conference calling service has local access numbers in 30 international hubs. The majority of those numbers are regular landlines that won't cost you anything more than a normal phone call.

The biggest challenge of doing business internationally is staying in touch in a convenient, cost effective way. How many calls have you been on where an overseas party couldn't telephone in to your conference bridge? How many minutes of your meetings are wasted trying to get everyone on the call?

Our combination of global reach and no fees makes United Conferencing the obvious choice when it's time to host your next conference call.

We Are Not Just International. Use Us For Local Conference Calls.

While United Conferencing is the world's first truly global free conference call service, you can also use us for your local conference calling needs. All of our access numbers can be used to host conference calls made up of entirely local participants.

United States Free Conference Calling
Our (605) 562-4008 access number is located in California. Since most of the US now has free long distance calling included in their phone plans, you can use this conference number for to host free conference calls anywhere in the United States.

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