Instant Reservationless Conference Call Setup

Setting up a conference call is simple and can be done in three easy steps.

Step 1: Make up a 6 digit access code

Make up a random 6 digit number that you will use for your conference access code. This should be a non-obvious number that you will share with your conference party.

Step 2: Share your access code and dial in numbers

Either email the conference participants directly, or use our convenient conference call scheduling tool.

Our conference call scheduling tool allows you to email up to 8 participants and let’s you enter all of the important information about the call including the date, time, subject, and a message from yourself. It also includes a list of all of our conference call access numbers, so that no one needs to look that up.

Step 3: Call into the conference bridge

Dial into the conference bridge using any of our access numbers at the agreed upon call time. When prompted, enter your 6 digit access code, then press the # key, and we will place you into the conference room with the rest of your party.

Every caller who enters the same 6 digit access code will be put into the same conference room together. If you are the first person to arrive on the call, you will hear hold music until the next person joins.

How Does Instant Conferencing Work?

An instant conference systems works off of the premise that conference call organizers will make up an access code that is going to be unique at the time that the call is being held. When someone calls into the conference bridge for a hosted call and enters an access code, the system checks to see if that access code is already in use. If it is, the system places the person who entered it into the call. If the access code is not in use, then the system assumes that it is for a new conference call and creates a new room “instantly”. The caller is then placed into that conference room, and waits for the next person to enter the same access code. When a second caller enters the code, they get put into the room as the first caller and so on.

Instant conference calls are also sometimes called reservationless conference calls because an access code is not set aside and held for a pre-scheduled conference. Rooms are not reserved, they are just created on demand. This approach is more efficient and convenient for the callers and the conference system itself.

To ensure that only the people you want on the call are on it, pick a non obvious conference number. Do not pick 123456 or 111111. Use an access code that is not easily guessed like 992934. There are 999,999 possible access code combinations. The sheer number of possible access codes will ensure that your conference room is unique to you.

On the off chance that someone from a different conference call picked the same access code as you, just change your access code to a new 6 digit number and have your participants use that instead.

You Can Reuse Your Access Code For Regular Meetings

If you need to host a weekly conference call, you can keep using the same access code from one week to the next. Remember our system is reservationless, so you do not need to reserve the room or schedule the call with our system. Just enter the same access code you used for one call the following week.

You Don’t Need To Signup Or Tells Us About Your Call Ahead Of Time

Again our conference service is instant. This means that we do not need to know anything about your call ahead of time. We create our teleconference bridges on the fly. That means if someone calls into our system and enters a 6 digit access code that no one else is currently using, we create a conference room right there. When the next person enters that access code, we place them into the room with the first caller.

  • International Access Numbers

    UK: 033 3966 0060*

    USA: 605 562 4008

    Australia: 0403 562 825*

    Austria: 051229607850

    Brazil: 21 4040 4195

    Czech Republic: 2 2598 5740

    Estonia: 6094023

    France: 1 7006 9923

    France: 0826 460 917*

    Germany: 69 1200 6794

    Hong Kong: 5808 1825

    Hungary: 1 848 0237

    Ireland: 21 243 9289

    Japan: 03 4580 0235

    Netherlands: 20 262 2903

    NZ: 028 2549 9998*

    Spain: 902551945*

    S. Africa: 021 000 0036*

    * Check costs to call here

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