Do I need to register to use your service?

  • No. Our conference calling service uses an instant reservationless system that does not require you to register to use the service.

How do I create a conference call?

  • Choose a six digit access code, i.e. 498466.
  • Share the access code and dial in phone numbers with all the participants on your conference call.
  • Have everyone dial in to the call, then enter their access code followed by the # key.
  • We’ll place everyone into the conference room.

How do you place everyone in the same conference room?

  • Everyone who enters the same access code will be entered into the same room. This why you should choose an access code that is not an easily selected number like 111111 or 123456.

Do I need to schedule my conference call?

  • No. Our instant reservationless conference system is always available and does not require any scheduling. Just have your party call in at the same time and enter your access code.

Can I reuse my access code for regularly scheduled calls?

  • Yes. Your access code does not expire and can be used over and over whenever you want.

How many participants can I have on my conference call?

  • You can have up to 100 people on the same conference call.

Are your access numbers really free?

  • You are always responsible for the cost of making a call to any of our access numbers. Wherever possible, we try to use regular landline numbers that do not have any additional charges associated with them.

    In some countries we use shared cost numbers or numbers that bill at mobile calling rates. We will always list any charges associated with that class of access numbers.

Can I call an access number in one country and have someone else call an access number in another country and be placed in the same conference?

  • Yes! That is the entire point of United Conferencing. Our global conference calling system will connect people from around the world into a single conference bridge. We will connect everyone with the same access code into a conference call together, no matter what access number they dial in from.
  • International Access Numbers

    UK: 033 3966 0060*

    USA: 605 562 4008

    Australia: 0403 562 825*

    Austria: 051229607850

    Brazil: 21 4040 4195

    Czech Republic: 2 2598 5740

    Estonia: 6094023

    France: 1 7006 9923

    France: 0826 460 917*

    Germany: 69 1200 6794

    Hong Kong: 5808 1825

    Hungary: 1 848 0237

    Ireland: 21 243 9289

    Japan: 03 4580 0235

    Netherlands: 20 262 2903

    NZ: 028 2549 9998*

    Spain: 902551945*

    S. Africa: 021 000 0036*

    * Check costs to call here

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