Canada Access Numbers Being Removed

United Conferencing has outgrown capacity on our current access numbers in Canada. We are shutting down our Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver access numbers on 10/17/2012.

We had been looking for an alternative solution that would allow us to grow capacity in a more economical way, but could not find one. It has become too expensive for us to continue to offer service in Canada. Rather than run a solution where conference participants got busy signals at peak times of the day, we’ve decided to shut down our access numbers in Canada.

If you are a Canadian user, you can still use our free conference service by dialing into our US access number at (415) 484-7100.

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Brazil Conference Calling Number Added

We’ve added Brazil to our network of free international conference calling numbers. Our Rio de Janiero access number is 21 4040 4195. This is a regular landline number that is the same cost as making a local call.

Welcome aboard Brazil. We are excited to add this country to our list of international conferencing destinations.

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New Numbers: Czech, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Hungary, Estonia

Good News United Conference Callers,

We’ve added a new batch of European dial in numbers for our free conference service. All of these numbers are regular landlines that do not incur premium rate charges. Here is the list of destinations added:

Czech Republic: 2 2598 5740
Estonia: 6094023
France: 1 7006 9923
Germany: 69 1200 6794
Hungary: 1 848 0237
Ireland: 21 243 9289
Netherlands: 20 262 2903

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Netherlands, Italy, Ireland Access Numbers Removed

We have had to discontinue our free conference calling access for the Netherlands, Italy, and Ireland because our service provider for those countries has gone out of business.

If you are located in one of those countries and would like to use United Conferencing, we recommend that you dial in using our UK landline access number at +442033477777 or our US landline access number at +14154847100.

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Netherlands Access Number Being Replaced

Our service provider in the Netherlands has gone out of business on extremely short notice. We are in the process of provisioning a new number in Amsterdam and will have it up on the site within 36 hours.

We are sorry about the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

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Free Conference Calling From Poland to Polonia Worldwide

The Polish diaspora is one of the largest in the world. There are an estimated 15-20 million people of Polish descent living outside Poland. There are thriving Polish communities in the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Israel, and many other countries.

One of the great things about United Conferencing is that we have the ability to unite communities all over the world through our free international access numbers.

Our Polish free conference calling number is a landline in Warsaw: 223 881 765. If you are in Poland you can call that number and have a free conference call with as many people as you want, and your phone will charge you the same as making a call to a regular landline in Warsaw.

That’s great if everyone is in Poland, but what if you want to talk to people outside the country? Well take a look at some of the other countries we offer free landline access numbers in:

USA: (714) 500 8080
Canada: (647) 722-5570
UK: 020 3347 7777
Netherlands: 202 622 415
Ireland: 818 286 293
Israel: 02 567 7820
Argentina: 11 6632 2111

All of these access numbers connect to the same conference bridge (including our Poland access number). If you have friends, family, or business associates in Poland that you need to speak to regularly or if you want to get large groups on the phone, then United Conferencing is a service you need to start using.

The best part? You can stay in touch for free! If you all call in to our landline access numbers using your included phone minutes, then you can get around the cost of making an international call. Stay in touch, talk as long as you want, and host free international conference calls.

We’ve shown you how to keep in touch with Polish people around the world for business or for pleasure. If you are in Poland, and you do international business, take a look at our international access number page to see all 30 countries that we offer services in.

Schedule a conference call and learn more about our free Polish conference calling services.

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New USA Access Number

We have added a new free conference access number for the US: (714) 500-8080. If you are experiencing an issue with the 415 484-7100 access number where your call gets dropped, please use this number instead. We are aware of what the problem is with the 415 access number and are working for a patch on it. In the meantime, please use 714 500 8080 to avoid getting dropped from the conference call.

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Free Conference Calling From Canada

United Conferencing is pleased to announce our three newest access numbers. We’ve just added free conference calling to Canada with numbers in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

We’ve heard from many people up in Canada wondering when we were going to add them. We also heard from our US and UK callers looking to host international conference calls with their Canadian partners. That is all it took for us to add access numbers in Canada. Where there is demand for free conference calling, you’ll find us.

Welcome aboard to our friends up north. You can use these three access numbers to call into our service:

Montreal: (514) 448-4549
Toronto: (647) 722-5570
Vancouver: (604) 800-5382

These are all landline numbers that bill just like making a regular call in Canada. If you are outside of the area codes for these numbers, please make sure you are aware of any long distance charges before using the service.

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  • International Access Numbers

    UK: 033 3966 0060*

    USA: 605 562 4008

    Australia: 0403 562 825*

    Austria: 051229607850

    Brazil: 21 4040 4195

    Czech Republic: 2 2598 5740

    Estonia: 6094023

    France: 1 7006 9923

    France: 0826 460 917*

    Germany: 69 1200 6794

    Hong Kong: 5808 1825

    Hungary: 1 848 0237

    Ireland: 21 243 9289

    Japan: 03 4580 0235

    Netherlands: 20 262 2903

    NZ: 028 2549 9998*

    Spain: 902551945*

    S. Africa: 021 000 0036*

    * Check costs to call here

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