About Us

United Conferencing was founded in 2010 by three telecom companies located on opposite sides of the Atlantic. As frequent collaborators who do business together, we were frustrated by our inability to find a conference calling service that allowed us to all call in on free local access numbers. We looked over the course of our business, but couldn’t find a service that provided this simple need. Finally, we decided to build it ourselves, and United Conferencing was born.

Using our extensive connections in the industry, we are able to source local access lines in many countries at no cost to us. We have augmented these numbers with many “shared cost” or calling party pay numbers throughout the world to bring together a first class globe spanning conference service.

As specialists in the world of low cost, high quality international long distance and conferencing, we believe that its important to let people communicate in the simplest, most cost effective way. Our conference service is reservationless, instant, and the simplest way for you to do business internationally. We use it ourselves everyday, and have built a product that we are proud of. Enjoy United Conferencing, and change the way you do business by using us.

Contacting Us

To keep costs down to be able to offer customers a quality product virtually free of charge, we do not offer a customer service number. If you have any questions about our service please refer to our FAQs.

If you currently spend more than $5,000 / £5,000 per month on conferencing or require products or features not available from United Conferencing reservationless service, please fill out the form below and one of our team will in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.

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  • International Access Numbers

    UK: 033 3966 0060*

    USA: 605 562 4008

    Australia: 0403 562 825*

    Austria: 051229607850

    Brazil: 21 4040 4195

    Czech Republic: 2 2598 5740

    Estonia: 6094023

    France: 1 7006 9923

    France: 0826 460 917*

    Germany: 69 1200 6794

    Hong Kong: 5808 1825

    Hungary: 1 848 0237

    Ireland: 21 243 9289

    Japan: 03 4580 0235

    Netherlands: 20 262 2903

    NZ: 028 2549 9998*

    Spain: 902551945*

    S. Africa: 021 000 0036*

    * Check costs to call here

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